Oct. 15th, 2010 09:53 pm
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I had the strangest dream today. Not only I wasn't even in it but from what I can remember (and surprisingly I can remember quite a lot) the main stars was Jared and Jensen. I haven't had a dream about celebrities since I was around 13 years old and that was 5 years ago. I can't recall every detail (obviously - that's a common problem with dreams) but I know that it revolved around them trying to save someone important in dreams world (hell if I remember exactly who it was) which transformed into saving the whole world from the apocalypse brought on Earth by an evil half-woman, half-broccoli (I swear I like these, I really do!) and her army of minions who were plants of some sorts but looked like ordinary people. There was Bobby who kind of was a leader of the research stuff and find out about where the evil queen is and how to kill her. And Mary. Winchester. Who later kind of ended up being Bobby's girlfriend. Never before I thought about that pairing but it really would be cute. She sat beside his bed in hospital after an attack of some viscous plant-people that infected him with some sort of alien mutated virus which made his head go extremely big and purple, every time he opened his mouth his now enormous tongue would loll out and it was full of strange symbols. I'm pretty sure he got healthy once the evil was killed but while the weird illness lasted it was quite a sight. The adventure started with J2 being pirates on a ship in a mountains by the way which alone is pretty crazy. They found the lair, got in the fight with the newest line of minions and in the meantime there was this queens favourite - a girl (real bitch, very arrogant and full of shit) with brown hair and in glasses who died in quite gruesome way. I mean, by this point I knew (actually I realized that only after waking up, but still) that something is wrong with my subconscious, but I made Jensen rip her head off with his bare hands. Yeah, I know that she was really a plant, but seriously I was grossed out and highly disturbed by remembering that bit a whole day. And there was the ending scene. When Jensen was a hero who saved Jared from the evil broccoli chasing him. On a line. Like a Tarzan. In a middle of some kind of cave. Yeah, I kind of know. And that's a last bit which made my friend laugh so hard when I told her about it that she almost fell off a chair in a maths class (fortunately a teacher was absent). I'm pretty sure that was because I can't get the image of half-dressed, sweaty, muscular Jared as Sam in 6.03 out of my head. And that beat of local news about the politic who wanted to make people vote for him in elections by giving them free carrots on the street. Just because his last name is 'Marchewka' which means carrot in Polish. His slogan is "Every Carrot is good for you" XD. But back to the point, I'm sure you can guess when I'm heading with this. Yes, I made the evil queen change Jay into half-carrot. Naked half-carrot. There wasn't really much more to see than on a show considering that his lower half was a carrot stick, but he was all orange and jumpy when he tried to escaped the queen. Good for him, her lower half was a broccoli.
Yes, I know I should go to the shrink. That's exactly what I'm doing every Wednesday.

BTW - I decided that I'll be writing her whenever I fell like it, about variety of things. Sometime it would be something like this, sometime some recipe that I found especially yummy (I love baking and most of the things works out when I'm making them ;)), sometime it will be my reaction to episode of some show I watch (most often than not it will probably be Supernatural), sometime something from my life and if I stop being so lazy maybe even my writing.

Well, that's all I have for today. Bye, bye =D


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