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Ha  ha. I officially suck at life. I was going to post here something long time ago but I forgot. Yeah...

I'm starting to believe maybe my English isn't as bad as I constantly think it is. I just got accepted to the finals of English contest so this is something. The winner gets a scholarship in the best (and elite) linguistic university in Poland but I don't care about that very much. Actually I do, but when I'll lose it's easier to when you didn't wanted the prize too badly. I just wish I could win this for a simple pleasure of winning. I've never really won anything. I got a second place in national writing competition when I was in middle school but I've never got the first place in anything. I think it would be nice.

The school will soon finish with the all exams-that-are-not-really-exams. It's supposed to get us ready for the real ones that will be in May but all it's doing for me is rising my stress levels. Seriously, I know I have to review the material, they don't need to pressure me into writing more bloody difficult exams that I already have to write. It's a little not fair.

I tried drinking a tea in an English fashion - with milk and sugar, but I decided that's it's not really for my tastes. I prefer much more my cup with a sugar and some lemon juice sometimes. Or honey and lemon when I've a cold. That's really weird because English tea is the only one I can actually drink when I'm on a plane. So I don't know why it doesn't suit me so much in normal conditions.

Speaking of the planes - I've a plan to go to Italy on my winter holidays. I just have to book a hotel and a plane tomorrow when I'll have time and I'll be set. I have a voucher that will pay for the hotel which is good because I wouldn't afford it in any other way. My mom promised to pay for a transportation so the only thing I will have to pay with my pocket money for is food and attractions. And souvenirs. Someone should ban me from buying anything or I go bankrupt.

If I will have any money left after the trip I'm going to buy a new edition of the Sims series - Sims: Medieval Age. From what I could see in a trailer it has a beautiful graphic and many interesting option. And I don't think I need a first version of The Sims 3 for it to go running so it's all good for me.

While I am at the subject of medieval ages, I discovered recently a great show called "Merlin". I know it's been on air for ages, but surprisingly enough I've never before got a wind on it. Until the New Years Break when they showed it on AXN. Me and my mother were enchanted from the first scenes and we've been watching it ever since. I'm completely enamoured with two main characters, Gaius' eyebrows and Merlin's ears and expressions. They are so adorable. My mother thinks I'm stupid when I start talking like this so I don't even have someone to share my glee with.

The other show I recently rediscovered is Smallville. I have to force myself to watch it from the half of the season three though. I hate how they ruined the friendship between Clark and Lex because they were so good together and  for each other. In theory I know it had to happen because otherwise Superman comics and films would have no sense whatsoever but I still can't seem to easily accept it. The only motivation I have is Jensen in season 4.

All for today folks, hope you had a good day, unlike me who is sick to the stomach and still refuse to stop eating fast-food.


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