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Title: The last one to die
Fandom: XMFC
Pairing: Erik/Charles
Genre: Nuclear Winter Fic
Rating: M
Warning: Death and nuclear winter
Word Count: 15 216
Summary: Living while everything around you is dying and things you need to survive are scarce can be hard. Collecting a group of people who can hardly even reach his elbow, Erik sets out on a journey to find a safe place to wait out the destruction of the world around him. It's not easy and he encounters loss, fear and a danger of losing everything he has now for a chance to gain something he misses, but hope is hard to kill and his hope is waiting for him in Westchester.

But not everything can be predicted and life tends to play cruel jokes on people that need light the most. The world will burn and there's nothing any of them can do about it. Besides, won't it be better in the end?

This is a story about a journey, hope and survival in a post-nuclear world where none of these things can be taken for granted. We follow Erik as he struggles to keep everyone in his little group safe and sane while not losing his own faith in the semi-happy endings. He'll have a chance to change everything for the better, but will he succeed in not making the same mistakes?

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, but the words.

Author's note: This is my work for XMen Big Bang Round Two in which I partnered with lovely [ profile] perilousrain who drew art to my story. After much pain and hurt from lj side I am finally able to post this here. Great thanks to my wonderful beta [ profile] the_me09 who looked through it and fished out all my mistakes. Everything left is only my fault. Love you, babe. On to the links then!

Oh, also sorry for the lack of next/previous buttons on the parts, but I am still unclear how to do that in the client I am writing from.

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