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Well, some time ago I found a list of some words and decided to write a DMC drabbles for them (with Dante/Nero pairing 'cause I have a phase for that). There was 50 words and here is the first part of the whole work, 25 words with finished works with them. I have to warn you though that English still is my second language and there can be some mistakes. If someone (if this will ever read) spot some, please let me know so I can fix it.


They’re first kiss was a drunken accident that probably shouldn’t happen. But it did and lead to the less accidentally sex on the couch and the awkward morning after.
Standing from the bar stool and abandoning his bear bottle Dante strayed to the nearly table where Nero and Trish were sitting and invited the latter to dance. No matter how much alcohol he drunk it never was enough to not chicken and ask the person he really wanted to.
The tall blonde watched with mild amusement the awkward dance that two demon slayers performed around each other for half a year until she snapped. There was no other choice beside forcing them talk honestly to each other. And if she had to sacrifice truth serum she stole from Lady some time ago then so be it.
She was an angel. Pure and beautiful. Always there for him when he needed her. She was a princess he could safe from distress when there was some nasty demon around. It came to him as a total surprise that there was someone he loved even more than her - stupid cocky demon in red coat.
To not cross his path when he was pissed knew mostly every demon in this and other world. His true anger showed itself in form of his triggering and although he could be more powerful and intimidating when in the demon form, he loathed it in every minute of his life. So it’s only natural that he couldn’t understand how someone can thought of it as ‘beautiful’.
From long ago he lived in conviction that ‘Love Planet’ is a paradise. But the attraction that he feels to these beautiful women was nothing compared to the fire one glance on a young demon slayer ignited in him.
He hated this stupid unneeded season. Autumn was cold, rainy and it was only passing phase between summer and winter. He allowed small smile appear on his face while watching Dante and Trish play in the garden and tossing colourful leaves on each other and thinking that maybe not everything about fall sucked.
Nero clenched his demonic fist and tried to hide his inhuman hand even further behind him. There was no single person in Fortuna that’s think of it as a ‘beautiful’. That’s what he thought before the people of the town called him hero and they’re saviour. He understood then that beauty has lots of faces.
He watched in horror crimson blood pouring from the deep wound in the kids abdomen where demons blade was seconds ago. His memory of the next event was hazy but it contained slaughtered monsters and feverish prey to every god and goddess he could think of just so they wouldn’t take Nero from him.
In the book Kyrie sent him for his last birthday clearly stated that Sparda has had two sons. The first one he knew very well and he never dared to ask Dante of his brother.
There shouldn’t be any birthday without the cake. It doesn’t matter what cake: it could be strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, large, small, round, square, traditional or made from ice. That’s why it was so hard for him to understand kid who didn’t want one. And the fact that sweets make Nero sick doesn’t really appeal to him in the moment.
He was so embarrassed of thinking about older man that he spent every evening in cathedral, praying, surrounded by the candle lights.
He hated sweets and everyone knew this. Even the smallest bite of some cookie made him sick. But watching Dante lay on his bed covered only in chocolate made him think that maybe a little wouldn’t be that bad.
Coughing and sneezing sounded in whole house and making Nero and Trish laugh and giggle uncontrollably to themselves and Dante growl. Who would thought that great and mighty demon slayer could fell for  simple cold?
The death of Kyrie was great blow for Nero and he blamed himself for being unable to save her. It was real luck that he have someone to depend on during the time.
Denial was a great think. It allowed you for example invite someone to work with you under the excuse of too much cases, live with him while pretending to not observe his bottom and lips while he sucked the popsicle. But it had to end. Especially when there is obvious hard-on in your pants every time when he’s crossing room coming back from shower with only towel on his hips.
He didn’t know what the depression is before he had to watch kid fall from the cliff into ocean and search for him for whole three days until he found him nearly dead on some nearby island.
Waking up from just another rather naughty dream of icy blue eyes, silver hair and muscled body holding his own Nero decided that it was time he stopped living in nunnery.
Once upon a time he had traditional family with mother, father and brother that he loved very much. Looking over his magazine at Nero, Trish and Lady playing pool the thought occurred to him that maybe it was slight dysfunctional but he still loves this new family of his.
The greatest fear of his was losing control of himself and this new power of his. He was really lucky that he has someone to teach him control.
Love was the greatest force in the world. Everyone thinks that. It makes you being nice, delicate and caring, shower someone with affectionate words, buy him flowers, sweets and other gifts and stand like a fool on a snow watching him running excitedly between stalles on his first celebrated Valentine’s Day.
If the troops of demons were leading somewhere to the forest it could never mean something good. But one day Dante found out that it can mean something amusing (and a little arousing) when he spotted  Nero hanging upside down in nude wounded only in roses veins.
Greed was the feeling foreign for him. Unlike his brother he never wanted power or some other stupid thing. He was happy when he has enough money for the bills and pizza. So he couldn’t understand why he wants to lock kid away and have him purely to himself.
Nero was taught long ago that people smiled when they were happy or amused. Living with older slayer he had to change this statement because Dante was smiling always and there was no way that he hasn’t experienced different feelings than these two.
Kyrie loved silver haired teen for as long as she could remember and it pained her really much that she wasn’t the one he choose. But no matter how she tried she couldn’t make herself hate man in the red coat because he was what made her beloved smile like he never did in front of her or Credo.
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