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The title of the post shamelessly copied from the T-shirt I'm wearing currently 'cause I decided that it's cool. At least the saying is 'cause apparently whoever operates heaven right now decided to boil us all in our very own skins. It's nearly 40 degree of Celsius outside now which is for Poland summer extremely high, we don't get so high temperatures usually, but this doesn't seem to matter right now. My brain is one big melty goo and every time I'm trying to write something (and I am, for the first time since about a year) it ends as something literally, grammatically and all kinds of things incorrect. So I gave up. For now. Something has been bugging me for some time and is rare occurrence that plot bunny came to me so I have to hurry up and do something with it or it will just decide to leave and that would be a shame.
The electrical fan is working since morning on the highest power and I suddenly realized that it's not fair that the air conditioning is forbidden to install in our apartment. Stupid corporations and theirs stupid CEOs.
If I won't succeed in writing anything I'm going to watch the episodes of SPN that I have left. I stopped about ninth episode in fifth season 'cause I got to emotional and my mom told me that till I won't get a grip of myself she's banning me from using her TV. Stupid mom. And if not I'm just going to melt.


Oh, and by the way: yesterday I bought (and paid a little to much in comparison to how much I could pay in just another shop) Assassins Creed II. If someone's have tips to the game, please feel free to share.

One more thing: If this song keeps playing over and over again I'm going to go and kill something 'cause I already can't get rid of it from my head x(
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