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So I decided to start (again) a new project that I will probably just as I did with the SPN episode reviews. But this time it's gonna be a picspam! A Merlin picspam to be precise. So maybe it'll fair better considering I get to look at they're adorable faces more than I get to write.

So here we come!
Season 1 Episode 1 - "The Dragon's Call"

Look at him. All alone in the big world. With his neckerchief flowing in the wind.
And while we are at this photo - Did he really go all this way on foot? And how exactly big is that country? Because looking at these mountains I'm kind of convinced that he used some kind of teleportation spell to get to Camelot.

I really don't intend to post such a frequent screencaps but there is one thing here that I couldn't ignore: Where the hell did the road go? Don't tell me that you have to go through the forest to reach one of the greatest cities of the time?

I'm sorry. I just really wanted to post a picture of Camelot at dawn.

The rest of pictures )
Well, that's all. That is actually much longer than I intended it to be but it seems that they are too much for me to resist and held myself in check.
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