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Title: Spoon full of sugar to the medicine
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Pairing: None
Genre: Alternate Universe, Gen
Rating: PG (for the mentions of violence)
Word Count: 572
Warnings: None
Summary: At least the man didn't look like he would enjoy using a whip

Disclaimer: Don't own. Writing for fun, not profit.
Author's note: The title taken from "Slaves" by Kano, which has no link whatsoever to the story actually. *SOBS* The longer I don't sleep the shorter these get and the more senseless the titles get. I'm sorry, I'll go to bed now. Written for the [ profile] au_bingofor the prompt "Slavery". Additionally it also fills my prompts "Collars" down at the Kink Lottery at [ profile] bdsm_fandom

It took them six tries until they finally gave him non-metal collar... )

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Title: Paper faces in gold
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Pairing: Erik/Charles pre-slash
Genre: Alternate Universe, Gen
Rating: K
Word count: 598
Warnings: None
Summary: The mask was simple. It covered only half of the man's face, and beside the red colour, only the little "M" hinted at any kind of decoration.

Disclaimer: Don't own, never have, never will. Writing for fun, not profit etc, etc.
Author's Note: The title shamelessly taken from "Masquerade" by Backstreet Boys. It's my fill for the Kink Lottery down at the [ profile] bdsm_fandom for the Prompt "Costumes". Only I don't know if that counts, since there's no much kinky stuff here. 

The only reason why Charles is here is because Raven asked him to come... )


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