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Title: Piano in the Music Room number 3
Fandom: X-Men: First Class, Ouran High School Host Club
Pairing: one-sided Erik/Charles
Genre: Alternate Universe
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 676
Summary: His piano skills are the reason he was even accepted to the Academy.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, least of all copyright to these guys.
Author's note: Fill for [ profile] au_bingo for the prompt "Alternative fandom: Anime". Now I kind of really want to see Charles' side of that story when there's a hope for Erik, but I don't think I'll be able to write it.

Long gone were the days of the first Host Club and its infamous president Suoh Tamaki. The number of members stayed the same with each generation, but after the school-wide outcry for equality, it tended to have few female members next to traditional males. It also widened the club’s customer base a lot, as now boys could join the playtime as well. Every generation had its own distinctive members, and this one’s most one would probably be its president – Charles Xavier. The boy was born and raised in England, his father pure-blooded French aristocrat, before the family moved to Japan, deciding to overlook their business here personally. There was a weight resting on the boy’s shoulders, but you couldn’t tell from the way he smiled and laughed every day as if there was nothing wrong in the world.

Erik admired him for it. His own scholarship was enough to make him lose nights of sleep, the only reason he ever was in Academy his musical talent. Really, busy as he was with his studies and perfecting his language he possibly wouldn’t even notice the existence of a club like that, if it wasn’t for one fated afternoon. He just wanted to find an empty musical room to practice his piano. He didn’t expect to find a club of people like that behind the door to the third one. It was actually quite the hardship to get out of there after he got in, seeing as none of the members were particularly keen on letting potential customer go. But he managed somehow.

He gazes now across the vast lunch room at the happy group surrounding tables in the middle when the club is entertaining swarm of school kids. It’s not like he would have any money to pay for their services anyway, he muses working on another math problem. Especially not for Charles’. And the boy is the only one Erik’s interested in anyway. He’s quite gorgeous, if Erik’s opinion matter, with brown locks, pale skin, and really blue eyes. What’s more, he’s always cheerful, unlike Erik, and judging by the things he talk about and his grades, he’s very intelligent too. But what really made Erik fall for him was the moment he heard the other boy play piano. It was such a pure, beautiful sound, it was as if it called right to Erik’s soul.

Erik dreams about playing duet with him. Not that it’s going to happen.

It’s possible that he puts a little too much thought into the non-existent friendship (because not any romantic relationship, Erik’s not that delusional) with Charles, but he blames it on the loneliness. It’s not like he has a lot of friends to distract him from his own head. Well, it’s not like he has any friends. The time he spends studying and practicing his music takes a lot from his social calendar. And there’s also a fact that people attending Ouran Academy are mostly rich kids, who don’t understand what a hardship or hard work means. Not yet anyway, Erik is sure that they will, once their fathers and mothers give them the companies they’re heirs of.

It’s not that he’s bitter. It’s just that it’s hard finding friends among people who don’t understand why he doesn’t buy lunch in cafeteria. Like he could ever afford it. The truth is, there are days when he can hardly afford something to bring for lunch. His parents in Germany are doing all they can to support him, but they weren’t very well off in the first place, now it only got worse. He tries not to feel guilty of it.

He raises his head again and sees Charles dancing in the middle of the room with his vice-president Moira. He shouldn’t even entertain any possibilities of the boy noticing him. For these people he could as well be a part of wallpaper, for all the attention they give to him. And it should be like this, it’s not like he has time for friends anyway. He’ll be fine alone.

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