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Title: Memorabilia
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Pairing: None really (Not yet)
Genre: Alternate Universe
Rating: PG
Warnings: Major characters' death.
Word Count: 805
Summary: Erik dies on a sunny day in July in 1960.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, least of all copyright to these guys.
Author's note: Fill for [ profile] au_bingo for my Wild Card which I filled with prompt "Hauntings". I should stop spinning entire universes in my head.

Erik Lehnsherr has been dead for fifty two years, although some would agree that it was even longer. He had an edge over those people of actually being at the place when said death happened. It would be hard not to be seeing as he was the one dying. He finally caught up to Schmidt in Argentina in 1960, when he was only 28, and the crazy man just started to create his plan of world domination and collecting his little mutant club. He managed to kill the most dangerous mad man the world could ever face, but unfortunately died in the process. He can’t say he was planning on anything else happening, especially since his life after killing Shaw was a rather flashing question mark, his only goal taken away. So it was really better that he died.

He hadn’t counted on staying on the Earth though. He knows his faith wasn’t the strongest since Nazis brought him and his family to Auschwitz’s gates, but he still thought there was something more after death than just flowing on Earth, stuck to some object and cursed to follow wherever it will go. Ironic that he would be stuck to the same coin he shoved through Schmidt’s head.

He doesn’t actually think everyone ends up like him, there would be more ghosts walking, or rather floating around and he hasn’t seen anyone yet. Well, except Crazy Julius, who is stuck to the paper weight in the library of the house Erik currently is, but the guy is clearly insane. Erik might be cruel and soulless (Ha!) sometimes, but he rather fancies himself mentally stable, thank you very much.

Speaking of the house he’s currently in, it’s the fourth place he’s been in since his death. The first one was police station after they found his and doctor’s bodies, then in the shady office of some sort of smuggler, then museum, and finally here. Xavier’s Mansion in Westchester County, New York. He was bought by Brian Xavier who apparently collected Nazi memorabilia in 1981, when the man didn’t have a wife or a son yet. Erik decided to hate him on a sheer principle that the man basically locked him in the room full of the things belonging to his captors and torturers. Erik could feel the skin around his tattoo itch even now.

Fortunately for Erik’s sanity, he discovered that he could move around his cursed coin a little further than he expected. He can’t explore the whole house, but the range is enough to allow him to spend majority of his time in the adjacent rooms, which quite luckily are kitchen, a lounge, an office, and a library. Unfortunately the library is so big that he can’t really reach everything he would want to. He doesn’t visit the kitchen very often either. Sometimes it’s nice to look at all the food he won’t ever be able to eat, but usually it’s a painful remainder of the things he can’t do.

Usually, he sits in the lounge reading something from library. He discovered he can actually pick up various things if he concentrates hard enough, but different to public opinion, it doesn’t make them float. It makes them disappear and the only way to make people know about him would be to hurl the book across the room so it would hit a wall, or someone’s head if he can voice his preference. He’s not unfeeling enough to throw books around. Even Julius isn’t that crazy.

His Nazi room isn’t visited often, especially lately when Brian is on his death bed. Radiation poisoning, Erik knew the man’s experiments in the lab would end like this. He read about it. But it’s not like he can warn anyone. He catches Brian’s son, Charles sitting frequently in his father’s office, filling out some paperwork or just sitting and looking into distance. He caught the boy, well the man by now, crying few times. He knows that Sharon Xavier died few years back, because of liver failure and Brian is really the only person Charles has.

From what he gathered from various bits of conversations around his area of residence, the man is a telepath, quite strong at that, and he never left the mansion because of that. He has a man, another mutant (And what a giddy thought it was when he discovered the facts, that he’s not alone who has special powers, that there are others like him. Then he remembered it doesn’t matter because he’s death and his good mood evaporated.), but none of them really leaves the house at all. He muses that young Xavier must be awfully lonely.

So he starts leaving him little notes on the desk. Maybe he could use some company as well. The first one says simply “You’re not alone.”

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